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Assignment #6 Concrete Final by. Josue Hernandez

Front view of structure. Side view of structure. Birds eye view. (Roof on) Birds eye view. (Roof off) View of inside of structure. This was my first time creating a structure using concrete and it proved to be very difficult. Unlike other materials that can be formed easily and reshaped, once concrete is set it…

Final Sketches by Josue Hernandez

Sketches of first ideas. Second idea for structure. The idea was to pour three different molds, the third being the star looking structure. The forms were a lot more complex so i worked with the first two. which were the base and roof of the structure. Scaled drawing of structure.

Assignment #3 Tribe by Josue Hernandez

I have grown up to be really family centered. Many of the choices I make are influenced by my family in some way. My parents always told me to be proud about where I am from. For this reason I have great pride in being from DC and having parents from El Salvador. The animals…

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